Thank You!

Photo: So Scottsdale Magazine

In 2008 Doreen and I had the dreamy idea to dive into the world of retail. Our passion was history, preservation and shopping so in 2009 our store, Fashion By Robert Black was born! Our only experience in retail had been in shopping so we knew we had our work cut out for us!! It is now 2014 and we are 5 1/2 years into our big adventure. The experience has been a full time blast and the stories, well, I’ll save them for later….Right now I just want to thank the endless customers who have become the proud new owners of literally hundreds of vintage dresses, vintage jewelry, hats, purses and oh yes, Vintage cufflinks!!! I also want to thank the dozens of publications who have featured our Vintage boutique locally, nationally and even internationally! I can’t forget my friends at Channel 3 Your Life A-Z for regularly allowing us to share with the masses why we love Vintage clothing so much and why you should also!! 

Now, a few things about us…we love what we do, we respect the clothing and we love creating the best experience possible when you walk in our door. Our hopes and dreams are that we can also create that same Vintage experience through our new website, blog and online shopping store. I will personally share our stories, our knowledge, our discoveries, our photos and my own personal views, as I always have an opinion to express.  

Stay tuned for lots of information, gorgeous pictures and beautiful goodies to thrill and delight you!!