Tis the Season…. For Fashion Shows

We are always thrilled and delighted to do fashion shows during season that showcase the collections that we have acquired, as well as our "ready to wear" vintage pieces. What is very apparent to me is how much work goes into the production of each and every show. Usually there is a charity or organization involved and they are fundraising for their cause. A team of volunteers start creating the look, feel and time line of the event; from food to flowers, to lighting to the venue and finally to the show itself.

That’s where we come in!

Now my favorite is when there is a show coordinator like Dave Dodge of Ideation Nation who makes life simple and easy, sound and staging by Chris Beckley and of course the amazing models that bring our clothes to life from Ford Robert Black Agency…the only agency in town we will hire models from! Now that our team is in place, everyone gets to work doing their jobs.

If you are an obsessive Virgo like I am then it takes you twice as long... you have dreams about the changes you are going to make and have inspirational ideas while running on the treadmill. I usually start with a concept or what I want the show to look like, the feel and the message of the show. Will we do one uber famous designer or a color collection like the Little Black Dress, or will we create a spring flower show or maybe a 60's cocktail party, either way now the fun begins.

I stalk our racks, look at our collections and start to pull the clothes I think will WOW our audience. Usually the pull is done over a period of time and down to days before the actual show, as we get new items in almost every day so I don't want to miss anything! Did I mention, I’m obsessive? Next I try to line them up and keep editing until I feel the show is visually done. Next we choose the models that best represent the clothes we are showing.. Now Jennifer is ready to Bag and Tag the clothing, once Doreen is done steaming and prepping. I then put the girls,(clothes and models), into a lineup by numeric order and model groupings, then they are  ready to transport to the venue.

Once we arrive we are prepared for battle.. The models start coming in for hair and makeup and the transformation team gets to work..

We do a quick fitting with each girl testing zippers, adding push up bras and matching their modern shoes to our vintage clothes. If time allows we do a quick run though on the runway for timing and last minute notes. Then the show begins and I can quite obsessing... at least until the next show!!  

Photos Courtesy of Project Pink. Models: FORD/RBA. Dave Dodge of Ideation Nation. Sound and Staging Chris Beckley.